Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Who's the fool now?

"The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good."
- Psalm 14:1

Really huh? Well, that is what most Christians believe. But is there any sense of truth to the accusation? Are believers never been corrupt and vile. History disagrees. 

I have always challenged believers to tell me a war made in the name of atheism. Not communism my Christian friends, it's a different struggle. When I say about atheism, I mean a war that was done in the name of being a non-theists.

According to some Christians, the Bible is the only effective answer to immorality, wickedness and violence of this modern age. But reading the said book, gives you a different scenario.

Just read how God allows genocide and mass murder. Even children are not spared. Also, sexism, intolerance, and bigotry are littered on some of its pages.

The Bible is not a moralist dreambook!

Many of its stories are permeated with obscenities, degeneracy and immorality. Some fester profanity and rewards corruption. [SEE:]

So what do we expect with its adherents?

Well, bloodshed has been a major factor for the spread of Christianity. Here in the Philippines is a good example of how Christianity propagates, not by peaceful means. Too many people died and suffered. Until now, allot of Christian missionaries is destroying other people's culture and heritage. Too bad...

How about their moral conduct? Well, as a special case to mention is that of Ex-Mayor Sanchez of Calauan. A very religious man, but still manage to rape a girl and kill her and her boyfriend.

How about the pastors and ministers and priests of God? Hmmmm...well let's see...

  • Jim Bakker is now in prison for mismanagement of church funds.
  • Oral Roberts, who emotionally blackmailed his viewers to send him millions of dollars in order to prevent the Lord's calling him up to heaven.
  • PTL - The God's Network fell into bankruptcy in June 1987 because of the Bakker's financial problems.
  • The alleged involvement of the Swaggart ministries with the South African terrorist group REMAMO.
  • Who can forget "Little Jimmy" Swaggarts "Jerk-off and Cry" liaison with Debra Murphree.
  • A study released that a quarter of clergy have engaged in sexual misconduct.
  • It was estimated that about 3,000 Roman Catholic priests are pedophilia. One convicted priest molested a child just before giving mass!!!
  • On 1985, Fr. Gilbert Gauthe of Luisiana, USA, admitted molesting 37 boys and 1 girl.

[For more information on "black collar crimes":

So? Is Psalm 14:1 is just another smoke screen on the true nature of believers? Will they be honest enough to expose and incriminate themselves?

Problems will never be solved by the same ideas that created it

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