Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Alarming indeed!

Before I begin to dismantle this typical Christian rambling, let me first give you folks a simple lesson on human physiology. Below is a picture of the human heart (puso) and its main function is to pump blood.

Now, the second is a picture of a human brain. You use this to think. Issues about "belief" reside in the brain, and not the heart. Got it?

Now that we cleared the issue, let's start...

So it's not God's fault if we don't believe. Ok... How can a non-existing idea can have any faults. The problem here is that people like you Mr. Saldi doesn't do a good job of convincing people like me that your god exists. Do your apology right, give convincing arguments. Hayz!!!

Now, you see, why I did a short review of human physiology? 

Put this in your head... The human heart doesn't think, it pumps. Now, close hearted? Maybe you mean close-minded (Geezzz!)? There is a saying they you don't open your mind too much because your brain might fall off. Anyway, again, let me remind you that the problem we're having here is that you guys don't give any good evidence (or even a reason) why we should believe your claim, and mind you, it's not even an issue of "to see is to believe." That's too shallow.

So, you want me to believe in your god because it feels good? Are you suggesting a placebo? Are you suggesting I take sugar pills? My gulay! If you just want me to believe in your god because it will make me feel good, then I will just start believing that Batman will save the day. Bahala na si Batman! I don't think feeling good is enough as evidence. 

Accuracy, precision, sufficiency, representativeness, authority and clarity of expression.

To be believable, is not about feeling good. Evidence is not about emotions. No! To be believable is to produce good evidence and sound explanation.

Now go to sleep!

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