Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A typical Filipino "Apologetics." (The Book of Job and the Problem of Suffering and Evil)

I was surprised to find this comment post on my Goggle+. Kinda annoying little runt, but hey, at least we now have a new topic to talk about.

It is written in Tagalog, sorry about that folks, but I will translate some of his points for my English speaking readers.

So he just stated here that some questions which he claimed to already know the answers. The questions are:
1.) Why did God, let the devil trick Eve?
2.) Why did God, allowed devil to enter the garden of Eden in th first place?

According to this guy, God allowed the devil  so he can test us. Test us?
Wait a minute...

The Bible declares that God “knows the secrets of the heart” (Psalm 44:21), that His eyes “are in every place” (Proverbs 15:3), and that “His understanding is infinite” (147:5). It is also stated in the New Testament that “God is greater than our heart, and knows all things” (1 John 3:20). So why does he need to test us humans?

Again Mr. Rey Barcinas declared, "If you have read the Book of Job, God allowed Satan to screw Job's life to test Job."

The Book of Job? Ok... This is getting to be a little bit confusing (again). Why will an All-Knowing God test you? He already knows the answer, right? It just doesn't make any sense. Furthermore, what did Job's children did? Why did they die in the test process? Collateral damages?

So what does the story of Job just prove?
Well, nothing really. It's suppose to answer the issue  why God allows evil things to happen and why suffering happens, but what it just prove is that God is just a big dick. You see, God already knows everything, yet he still test an innocent man named Job just because Satan put Mr. God in a bet that he just can't refused.  He already knows what will be the outcome, right?

And Job endured the test. Say what now? Oh,  Is that a test? God decides to test Job's righteousness because Satan challenged him and so we know from the start that Job is innocent and a good guy and that God has decided to torture him for no good reason at all just because Satan provoked him. Nice move there God.

As one blogger have said, "So if you ever wonder why bad things happen to good people, just read the book of Job. Maybe God is just having a josh at your expense with Satan!"

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