Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My long-overdue apostasy (Article from the Rappler)

" A godless man is not necessarily an evil man. He can endeavor to serve others with empathy and kindness as much as a person who subscribes to a religious doctrine can. He has the capacity to love and hate just as much as the next person does."

Growing up in a Christian home, I was taught to pray. And so I did: before bed, meals, exams and bus rides.I prayed so much I’m sure to have prayed for world peace at some point.

I carried this habit into my adolescence, growing into a passionate believer of my faith throughout high school. I’m pretty sure I was a big pain in the ass at the time.

I took every opportunity I could get to convert others to my faith. Fully convinced that I was 'saved,' I persistently badgered friends to accept Jesus as their ‘Saviour.’ I gave unsolicited guidance as a 'believer'; presumptuously doling out Bible verses as if they were freshly-baked cookies. I imagine people wouldn't mind having a freshly-baked cookie when shoved under their noses, but the same can’t be said for bible verses, can it?

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