Monday, July 14, 2014

Devotion, Deception

It is not that strange to see children being... well... trained (?) to become future devotee of a certain patron saint. Now here's a good example.

That is a replica of the Black Nazarene... you know... The one that they have in Quiapo, Manila. Ok... They also have a smaller version for kids. Yep, children are also devotee of the said idol. I asked these kids why they are doing this. The answer just shocked me.

These children are taught that if they do this... Processions, parading the statue on the street... their wishes will come true. As if God will grant their wishes, ala Alladin's Ginie. Really huh? One child told me that he's doing this so he could see his parents again. Another kid said that God will make his family rich. Money, wealth, family... their wishes ill be granted.

Its quite sad that instead of teaching these children to become resourceful and productive, they are being taught that a magical Big Daddy is out there in heaven to grant their wishes.

What the...

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