Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Coming out of the closet

What's wrong guys????
Panahon na para lumantad at magpakatotoo!!!

Ewan ko ba? Marami pa rin mga non-believers ang natataklot sa salitang "atheist". What's the matter? Some guys like to label themselves as non-theist (di ba atheist din yan?) Others prefer the name "Freethinker". Any name can do, wag lang "atheist"....."Oh no!!! Not that word".

What's wrong with being an atheist? What's wrong in not believing what these "believers" believe and worshipped? Guys sa totoo lang, we have an advantage. WE THINK MORE!
So why be ashamed of being rational? Don't you like it when we are suppose to be more rational than most Filipinos who still cling to superstitions? We're more advance. We're not chained with ignorance and baseless fear anymore.

We are not into self-denial my friends. How can you deny something that does not exist? We don't deny, but we question... It's as simple as that.

Is atheism a joke?
Atheism is not a joke my friends. Atheism is just fighting for the rights in question, especially on these gullible times (even road stains are being worshipped these days.) Believing in blue elephants, faith healers, magic rod that becomes a snake, parting seas, man who can walk on water and dead people rising,  Now that's a joke.

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