Thursday, January 16, 2014

It's not about flies and vinegar.

I have pissed off a lot of people. Yeah, I know...
These guys think that I am asking atheists to respect the believers why I ask for less mockery in favor of a more critical approach when arguing against religion and god belief. Maybe they think I'm being too soft, or more accommodating with believers.

No, this is not about accommodation and respect. 

One thing I've noticed when a debate becomes more into puns and less intellectual is that it just goes nowhere. The issue will soon be muddled and off track. Both parties become irritated and divert the topic to mere mud throwing and mindless tantrums. Sooner or later the whole topic becomes nothing by a troll's paradise... just another garbage posted on Facebook.

Sorry, but some people are asking for something more than jumbled letters and senseless words. They are asking for an intellectual discourse.

You see, as an atheist, I have this thirst for knowledge... new knowledge... something that I was deprived of when I was still a Christian and I am expecting to find new ideas from debates and arguments that I read in social forums. That's how it goes. As a freethinker, I crave for new philosophies, new horizon, new things to explore... so other than books or a YouTube video, I also look for it in arguments between two colliding forces: Reason vs. Faith.

But what happen if instead of knowledge, what you read are baseless accusations against each other? Words design not to seek any synthesis of ideas, but just to laugh at or ridicule an opponent? What is there to learn?

What instead of clashing philosophies, you'll just see angry, emotional rants and ways to get even with the enemies? What does this do to achieve enlightenment?