Friday, April 17, 2015

Puny God

According from a certain Christian post, God (through the intervention of prayers) healed his friend's gonorrhea (tulo). Through faith, God will heal. He also suggest that his god allow these misfortune to discipline you from your sins.

Uh... I just really hope that such "testimony" is true, but sadly It's not. 

I have been staying at a hospital for 4 days and every time I go home, I see the dead just below the stairs. Their loved ones were crying. Now, reading the Christian's post I ask myself, does their family have very small faith that God allowed them to die? Are they being disciplined - who? the one who died or the love ones?
Through prayers, God heals the Christian's friend of gonorrhea, but have we all been praying to the same god to heal those starving children in Africa? Is the Christian's god trying to discipline those starving children in Africa? Is his god so impotent that he can only heal one person suffering from a curable disease? Yes - gonorrhea is quite curable.
These kind of Christian testimonies are good reasons why we should not believe in god.

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