Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I Do Not Know, therefore God (Part 2)

There is this old Chinese proverb that says there are no bad students, just bad teachers – oh no, I’m not saying that John Garcia here is bad. Maybe his methods are just a little rusty, less effort, bad technique, but whatever are the reasons, his plans of “educating” us atheist is not really working.

Now in his last posts, I can now sense the frustration. He now starts spewing vile liquid in his mouth and started to use the word “idiom” as part of his so called “enlightenment speech.” Too bad that within the span of 2 posts, John Garcia is now swimming in the foul gutters – ang bilis naman?

Ok, without further adieu, let me take a look at his new claims [Oh, oh… no more beginning of everything?]

//John Garcia : Again why is the brain on the head? The foot on the lower part? There are billions of people but why do they have the same design? Why? Why is the world round? Can't it be a square? What is life? How is life? What started life? and Gazillions of more.//

The Question of Why, How and What?

One thing that people like John Garcia think is that every questions are asking for an answer. Why is the word round? What is life? Why is blue? What 2+2=4? Why is a globbylook can’t be quariple? You see, as Rev. Thomas Fuller has said, “Tis not every question that deserves an answer.”

Oh no, I’m not saying that you shouldn't question everything, but the problem with these kind of questions if they're already loaded with preconceived answers and it is obvious that John Garcia here have already presupposed his answer to all his questions as “god.” That’s not how skepticism work.

So why is the brain in the head? Why? Will it make a difference if the belly is located in the chest or in the belly? The foot on the lower part? – Again, will it make any difference if its located on the side of our body? Why is the world round? Can't it be a square? – why not? A square planet doesn't really makes a difference from a triangular one, does it?

What is life? How is life? What started life?  - Why call it life anyway?

See? Questions can only produce new questions.

// John Garcia: Why am I even educating Atheists whom I'm 99% sure won't pay it forward for the enlightenment I have given them. Its obvious all people who replied even on the previous topic didn't even understand my answers. No matter what research or study humans make they will still come up with an answer, and that is God. "The word God is not a name nor a person, it is a title" - John Garcia. If you want to live in lies that there is no God for your whole life, then its up to you. I pity you. Do me a favor and help yourself, only by that you can allow others to help you. You'll thank me later in your life. Too bad it would end up as a wasted thanks.//

Pinoy Atheist: Enlightenment is a big word, but let me just play with this for a while. A flashlight with a dead battery will not give any light, same with people claiming of giving enlightenment. A person who never achieved enlightenment can never teach enlightenment. It is as simple as that.

God is not an answer. It’s never been an answer. It is a name, a title as John Garcia would say that lazy people use to find a quick relief on things that bothers their head. There are no shortcuts to enlightenment and it seems John here  like an easy ticket – that ticket is called “god.”

So again, as I have already stated the obvious “There are no bad students, just bad teachers” and John Garcia seems to be teaching  enlightenment in a very wrong way.

Thanks for nothing. :)


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