Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I don't know, therefore God exists

Amateur apologists come in different shape and size. Some methods are quite amazing, and some are just outright gibberish. Now here’s a good example – a certain “John Garcia” entered the Pinoy Atheist Tambayan in Facebook to proclaim the existence of his god, and he did this by stating the obvious – YOU DON’T KNOW, THEREFORE GOD.

So again, let me answer this typical rant, just to prove a point that whatever kind of “apologetic” they give, it always end up blant.

John Garcia: But not all scientist are Atheist. So summarizing this, Atheist don't know where these 'furnaces' came from hence they also don't know the true beginning of the celestial elements/things. Here is a tip, unless that 'something pops-out out of nowhere' is true science will never find an answer to the true beginning of things.

Pinoy Atheist: The issue here is, uh... “beginning of things.” Well, for one thing why do an atheist should know everything? Why should the atheist should know all the answers? The claim is in John Garcia’s hand, not with the atheists? As an atheist, I only don’t believe John Garcia’s claims, right?
So going back to the beginning of things? Does John Garcia know how “everything began?” We shall see.

John Garcia: Why is your body modified or designed with your brain being on top? Why is your foot on the lower part of your body? Why can't be your foot to be on top while your head to be on the lowest part of your body? Why was it designed like this? Was it designed by someone or something? Who or What?

Pinoy Atheist: Ok, so let see John Garcia’s claims of design. Let us suppose that we are “designed by God.” So he designed us “with your brain being on top.” Is that a good design?

Now humans have their brain on top of our head, protected by the skull. The average thickness of the human skull is only .25 inches (women has .28 inches) so how good is this to protect the brain. As a bipedal animal, we are susceptible to fall and VIOLA! Brain damage, and a brain inside a .25 inch shell – that’s a very, very poor design.

God placed our foot on the lower part of our body? Now, being bipedal, it only gives us what? Humans can perhaps run as fast 40 mph and the fastest human Usain Bolt can run as fast as 28 mph. Now, the fastest predator can outrun us (since it can run 60-75 mph). Nice design there God!

John Garcia: Don't believe the saying that the Bran has unlimited capacity, it is not true, and you believing it proves that you hav been corrupted. The brain itself having limited capacity proves something. You can say I was also an Atheist before, the good thing is I was enlightened by my own Brain itself. I too don't really believe in Bible but I believe there was a God(he/she/it).

Pinoy Atheist: Who said the brain has unlimited capacity? I didn’t say that, do you? But let say that it is true. According to your own post, “the good thing is I was enlightened by my own Brain itself.” Now, since the brain (not bran) has limited capacity and can be corrupted , then how can you be sure that “your brain” was enlightened? Your guess is as good as mine. 
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So where is the “beginning of things?” All rants, but again… just like a typical apologist - it falls empty. John Garcia failed to provide his claim. He just choked the whole shebang with his useless tail wagging, he forgot to answer his own question.

So to you John Garcia, here’s my assessment: With this kind of logic, I am not surprised why you believe in a god.

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