Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Life is so unfair.

The time that I saw this post from a certain Facebook group, I remember a quote from the late Carl Sagan - "Better the hard truth than comforting lies." 

Most theists believe that without their heaven, hell and their Bug-Eyed Deity, life is unruly and unfair. Noticed this post - since atheists doesn't believe in the existence of their god -  immorality, (homosexuality?), crime and (bestiality?) will be on the rampage. Wait a minute. There are more theists than atheists living today, right? Majority believed in a god. Majority believed in heaven and hell. Majority believed in a God given universal law?  So why are there still sin, crime, immorality? Why is it that Catholic priests and Christian pastors become child molesters themselves? Some Muslims still rape goats and sheeps - and don't tell me they're atheists.

It is not true that morality has something to do with a god belief - as Einstein have observed, morality is a human affair. There are no evidences that will prove that a god believer is more morally upright than a non-believer - maybe that's because morality is deeply rooted with social animals like humans. If people are more good than evil, society florish. Morality prevents us from killing each other out of existence. 

It is also something about "divine punishment" that makes some people attracted to god belief. Well… life is quite unfair and victims are shouting for justice. Remember that rape-slay case ( I will not name names) in which perpetrators coming from rich and famous  families rape and killed the victim and her mother and young  sister. The victim's father was working abroad and when he  retured to the Philippines, all his family are dead. It took a  lot of years (and money) before the people committed the crime  were incarcerated yet then all of a sudden turn of events, they were aquitted from the  crime. So what happened? The father died after spending all his money for what? And the "criminals" now all declared innocent are  living contended somewhere in another part of the world. Where is justice?

Theists will argue that the criminals (who escaped the laws of men) will someday deal with God's wrath and his divine justice. That will come when they're dead since God will resurrect them to face God's court or if you are in a different Christian sect, you will just say that after death they go to hell for eternal damnation and punishment. 

I'm wondering…
Why wait for death? God (if he does exists and he's omnipotent/omniscient and omnipresent) could have stopped the crime for happening on that very time - that is divine justice. Why let the victims suffer? As I remember one of George Carlin's comedy skit: A patient that have cancer said "God loves me and he's going to cure me from my tumors." Carlin retorted saying, "If God loves you, why did he gave you tumors in the first place?"

The thing is if divine justice is true, then why wait for an after-life for this kind of justice to start working? Why do we need to wait for Death to take the offenders? Why can't the so-called Divine Law Giver act in time? What, if those who committed the rape (who are now acquitted) lived a full life - let say they reached the age of 90, and now have a lot of children and grand-children, lots of money, living in a large house somewhere in Hollywood, California, the Bahamas or in France? Where's the justice?  Did the writer of Psalms gave us a good reason why other than calling non-believers as fools? Remember, justice delayed is justice denied.

Speaking of justice...
I wonder, why will you punish a man who committed a crime with eternal punishment? Punishment is use to reform a person - unless you are a barbarian who can't distinguished the difference between justice and vengeance. Until now, no Christian or Muslim have given me a good answer about it. Anyways...

Yes, life is not fair - it doesn't have to be. You on the other hand has the mental faculty to know and to do what is right from what is wrong. There are people in this world that are capable of doing evil things- There are always rotten apples in the basket. Sickness, catastrophe, tragedy, loss, death - they are all part of life. Maybe instead of waiting for an invisible and slow-moving "law Giver" to act, try to learn to accept  these tragedies and grow for only our own actions can heal the  past and make us ready to face the present and the future.

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