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The Atheist Test, courtesy of the “Banana Man”

Ray Comfort (AKA the Banana man) is up to his dirty tricks again. The master of straw man and bad science is back. This time...since his so-called banana spit (AKA “atheist nightmare”) didn’t made any blow against atheism, he is now hallucinating in giving atheists some kind of a spiritual test.

Yep! That’s right folks! Mr. Comfort is publishing propaganda leaflets entitled “The Atheist Test” – now on sale in your local Christian bookstores!

I really can’t make out the disturb mentality of an evangelical Christian fundy. It seems their sole purpose here in planet Earth is to eat, drink, sleep and spread rumors, gossips and false information. Wow! And just think what the Internet is doing to spread their idiocy to the whole wide world. The problem is that people buy these kinds of stuffs. Maybe Einstein was right when he said that there are two infinite things, the universe and human stupidity.

Nah, I’m not offended with Ray Comfort’s shaggy dog stories about the Bible and Jesus H. Christ. Actually there’s nothing wrong when Christians share their delusional beliefs...but please, don’t shove it on other people’s ass.

So for the sake of fun and wholesome entertainment, let’s take a look at Ray Comfort’s test.

Test 1 and 2

The first thing you will read in Ray Comfort’s test is his “banana argument”

Is shaped for human hand
Has non-slip surface
Has outward indicators of inward content:
Green-too early,
Yellow-just right,
Black-too late.
Has a tab for removal of wrapper
Is perforated on wrapper
Bio-degradable wrapper
Is shaped for human mouth
Has a point at top for ease of entry
Is pleasing to taste buds
Is curved towards the face to make eating process easy

Notice his ignorance about the Musa paradisiaca sarpientum.

That’s what happened when the only banana you know came from the grocery shelf. I wonder why he didn’t include that those bananas have a small sticker that says “Dole”? The banana that Ray is talking about here is the banana that was already been tampered by human selective breading. That’s the banana that you see on supermarkets and groceries.

What! Those bananas are already mess about by humans? So unfortunately to Ray, the banana that he’s trying to promote is God designed. Wild bananas are quite different. They are small and they shape like plantains (Saging na saba in Tagalog.) Unlike Ray Comfort’s banana, they are not yellow in color and they have these large seeds all over the flesh. They got this hard flesh that you need to cook so it will become soft. Thanks to modern science of selective breeding, we now have Ray Comfort’s edible, yellow banana. I wonder why Ray Comfort’s god didn’t think about that before he created the banana. One thing is certain; I think Ray Comfort’s god is going bananas.

Now since he knows a banana from the grocery, his next sample is another type of grocery “wildlife”. Maybe Mr. Comfort should go to the libraries more often than the groceries.

Billions of years ago, a big bang produced a large rock. As the rock cooled, sweet brown liquid formed on its surface. As time passed, aluminum formed itself into a can, a lid, and a tab. Millions of years later, red and white paint fell from the sky, and formed itself into the words "Coca Cola 12 fluid ounces."
Of course, my theory is an insult to your intellect, because you know that if the Coca Cola can is made, there must be a maker. If it is designed, there must be a designer. The alternative, that it happened by chance or accident, is to move into an intellectual free zone.

Yes folks! He’s talking about Coca-Cola can.

Here’s a sample of what Mr. Comfort is good at...fallacies. And this fallacy is what we know as false analogy. We recognize that the Coca-Cola can was designed because we know that Coca-Cola cans do not occur naturally but are instead the product of purposeful design by human beings. We can even find out who were the actual designers of the can. However, the same cannot be said for the universe.

So another fallacious analogy is given by Mr. Christian Evangelist...Hmmmm should I call people such as Ray Comfort as “Fallavangelist”?...but if Ray will insist, then:
1.) The can was created by finite humans, so does the universe created by a finite god?
2.) The can was created by mortal men; does that mean the universe was created by mortal gods?
3.) The raw materials that created the can were not created by humans; is that the same with the universe?

Also, Ray Comfort got the wrong idea on the word "creation". Remember, when we talk of something being created, we are referring to the making of one thing from the raw materials. It is an error of logic to apply the word "creation" to the raw materials themselves. Coca-Cola can was created from different raw materials; we cannot say that aluminum, where the Coca-Cola can came from was created. That is an insult to someone’s intellect.

So Ray Comfort’s squabble, which is in a typical Christian idea, was inspired by a Holy Spirit, seems to be “canned”.

Test 3

A. From the atom to the universe, is there order?
___ YES ___ NO
(None of the above)
B. Did it happen by accident?
___ YES ___ NO
(None of the above)
C. Or, must there have been an intelligent mind?
___ YES ___ NO
(none of the above)
D. What are the chances of 50 oranges falling by chance
into ten rows of five oranges? ____________________
(none of the above)

Do you know why I put “none of the above” as my answers? That’s because the above questions are not the atheist position. Well-established scientific laws and scientific cause-effect interactions are not accidents (nice going there Mr. Christian Evangelist).

Just look at the beautiful pattern of the snow flake. Do you think Nature needs a so-called “designer” to produce all those unique designs? Contrary to Mr. Evangelists claim, you don’t need a so-called intelligent mind to create them. The effects of water vapor to cold is not sentient, yet is still produce beautiful unique patterns of snow flakes.

Now Ray Comfort asked, what are the chances of 50 oranges falling by chance into ten rows of five oranges? ” Well may I ask him, “What is the chance of an immaterial, disembodied entity to have an intelligent mind?” If he believes that a brainless being can become intelligent...well he can believe in anything...even falling oranges.

Bear in mind that a supernatural intervention and straw-man tactics are not explanations.

Test 4

The declaration "There is no God" is what is known as an absolute statement. For an absolute statement to be true, I must have absolute knowledge.

Here is another absolute statement: "There is no gold in China."
"C" is the correct answer. For the statement to be true, I must know that there is no gold in China, or the statement is incorrect. To say "There is no God," and to be correct in the statement, I must be omniscient.

I must know how many hairs are upon every head, every thought of every human heart, every detail of history, every atom within every rock...nothing is hidden from my eyes...I know the intimate details of the secret love-life of the fleas on the back of the black cat of Napolean's great-grandmother. To make the absolute statement "There is no God." I must have absolute knowledge that there isn't one.

But does declaring that “There is a god” is also an absolute statement? So for an absolute statement to be true, Ray Comfort must possessed absolute knowledge? Here’s the thing about people like Ray Comfort, they claim that atheists declare omniscience by saying god doesn’t exist yet they also claim omniscience by declare that god exists.

Let us use Ray Comfort’s own test question...but this time, with a little twist.

Here is another absolute statement: “There is gold in China.”
“C” is the correct answer. For the statement to be true, I must know that there is gold in China, or the statement is incorrect. To say “There is God,” and to be correct in the statement, I must be omniscient.

So let’s turn the table a little...If Ray insist that god exist then an atheist can ask him if he is 100 sure of it. If he says yes, then he’s also making an absolute statement which unfortunately, according to Ray himself, that there is no such thing as “absolute knowledge”.

Ray Comfort pretends to know the atheist position. That’s the problem with made-up stories. Mr. Evangelist should bear in mind that an atheist is a person who does not believe in a god or gods. However, if Ray Comfort insists that atheists state categorically that "there is no god." Well that means he has forgotten that absolutes require faith and only believers like him rely on such mentality.

Second, we have faith in plenty of things we don't understand. Did you understand the mechanics of television before you turned it on? Probably not. You took a step of faith, turned it on, and after it worked, understanding how it worked wasn't that important. We accept that there are unseen television waves right in front of our eyes. We can't see them because they are invisible. For them to manifest, we need a receiver, then we can enjoy the experience of television.

Here’s an example of how Christian evangelists like Ray Comfort love to twist words and ideas. Or maybe he just doesn’t know what the meaning of faith is?

According to the Christian definition of faith, it is the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen. So that means it is the belief of things that not yet come to pass represents evidence for it actuality.
Let’s try fitting Ray Comfort’s way of thinking and use “faith” when we turn on the TV set. Hmmmm...Should I plug it first? Well I don’t know the use of the plug...wait a minute...there is no plug. I don’t even have the slightest idea what a plug is...wait a minute? I haven’t even seen a TV set in my entire life! Well Sony 22:14 says that TV sets exist, and II Zenith 21:16 says that it needs a plug to operate. I have read in RCA 17:12-25 that television waves makes a TV operate but TV waves are can’t see them or touch them. But I believe they exist. I have faith in my TV Bible. Well I know that someday TV set will exists...I’m hoping to have a TV...I believe that a TV exists...Hmmmm maybe by praying hard I will have a sign that a TV exists and I can operate it...whatever that is .
We don’t use faith when we turn our TV on. We already know what will happen when we turn it on. If in doubt, we can ask technicians or electricians. With an aid of a TV repairman, you can ask him to open the TV and tell you how it operates. It can be explained. Come on, try it. Read the blue print if you have a copy of it. The problem lies that not every person who owns a TV set wants to know how it operate. That’s not faith, that’s just being lazy.

We cannot see radio waves and satellite signals as Ray Comfort suggest, yet we use apparatus to catch them like your TV antenna for instance. If you have cable TV, you know you’re getting cable because you can ask your friendly cable guy what those cables for.

I’m just thinking...maybe Ray Comfort thinks that to get some Playboy Channel on your cable, you got to have faith and pray to God. Or maybe Christians can have faith and pray to God so they can watch re-runs of Kirk Cameron’s defunct sitcom.

Faith is about unseen assumptions and assurances that believers use as evidences. Now turning a TV on is quite different from the belief that bread and wine turns to blood and flesh, that the Pope is infallible, that Allah is the only true god and Muhammad is his prophet, that Felix Manalo Sr. was the last prophet, that Eliseo Soriano knows everything about the Bible and that Jesus Christ was born in a virgin and he will return to judge the world. Now that takes faith.

If you have even broken one Law, then you have sinned against God and therefore will "surely die," for the "wages of sin is death."
We are all guilty of breaking the Commandments. Listen to the voice of your conscience, and let it remind you of some of the sins of the past. We are not perfect as we are commanded to be (Matthew 5:48), neither is our heart pure. On Judgment Day our transgressions will be evidence of our shame. Think of it: God has seen every sin we have ever committed. We share our thought-life with Him.
We are guilty of violating His Law a multitude of times, yet if we repent, God can forgive us because Jesus stepped into the courtroom 2.000 years ago and paid the fine for us.
His death on the cross satisfied the Law we so blatantly transgressed, and at the same time demonstrated how much God loves us—"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." His shed blood on the cross can make you clean in the sight of a holy though you have never sinned.
God doesn't want you to go to Hell. Please, forget your arguments, repent and put your trust in Jesus and be saved from God's wrath. Make Psalm 51 your prayer, then read your Bible daily and always obey what you read; God will never let you down. Thank you for taking the time to read this booklet.

And now the test stops here. It’s time for Mr. Evangelist to use “scare tactics” to wipe his foaming mouth. Gosh how naïve!

So Mr. Christian Evangelist talks about sin. Believe me; sin is only applicable when you believe in the Christian god. Remember, the test was designed for atheists. So do you think an atheist will wet his pants if some Christian dork says that he sinned to God? Give me a break here! Hey Ray, this is not one of the episodes of “Growing Pains”.

So before you start yapping your mouth about guilt, Judgement Day (are you talking about The Terminator and Sky Net?), hell and heaven, sins and that dead Jew on the stick may I suggest that you straighten your act a little bit and go back to the basics?


Simple isn’t it?

Maybe Christian evangelists like Ray Comfort always lurks in the dark corners of ignorance, fallacies, supernaturalism, fear and superstition to win converts. Who can blame him, even Apostle Paul admitted this crime.
“But be it so, I did not burden you: nevertheless, being crafty, I caught you with guile.”

That finished this test...well with this kind of a test; atheists will always score an A+.

Test passed!

John the Athiest

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