Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ray Comfort answered the question (?) Why God Can't Heal Amputees.

In facing the question, why God can't heal amputees, Ray Comfort, Christian minister and evangelist of Living Waters Publications and The Way of the Master answered, "I noticed that in response to my last post, one atheist came back with his most powerful weapon for the argument that nothing created everything. He linked to the video clip “Why doesn't God heal amputees?”

Good question. Here’s some more: Why doesn't God grow hair on bald heads, make short people tall, make blind people see, replace missing teeth, cut my grass, and find my lost car keys?

And why does He put up with people who ask mindless questions? We don't know. One thing we do know is that He is holy and perfect, and we have to face Him on Judgment Day."

Nice answer there Ray or should I say nice excuse, but you still haven't answered the question "Why God cannot heal amputees?" You just gave us lame excuses and another of that "fear factor" of your Judgement Day.

Remember, God is supposed to be all-powerful. If God can answer prayers (as what Christians claim) then he can easily regenerate a severe leg of a good Christian. It can also serve as a miracle that even atheists and skeptics can be shaken. Also, God has no reason to discriminate amputees.Therefore, God can do anything, and regenerating a leg will be so easy.

However, we still haven't seen such a feat. So, I therefore conclude that your god cannot heal amputees, or your god doesn't exists. 

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