Sunday, November 2, 2014

Is Your Ignorance the Fuel of Your Faith?

I sometimes have this feeling that most believers become so involved, so fanatically religious because of sheer ignorance. You can’t blame me. Often times, the religious often debate me using outdated science and worst. 

I hope I'm wrong.

Here's a good example courtesy of a certain Mr. Rey Barcinas.
[ Ok... some of what you're going to read here are quite funny. ]


It is quite obvious that  Rey Barcinas doesn't have any idea what a scientific theory is. 

Now, when used in a scientific sense, a theory means a group of hypotheses that have been underpinned with repeated testing. That is very different compared to the other definition of a "theory" (used in everyday speech) which means speculation.

The problem here is that people like Mr. Barcinas use the other definition to support their gibberish ranting against science. We call that equivocating. 



I still didn't get it why Mr. Barcinas became emotonal. He said that unlike scientific theories, the Bible tells us the real story of people because it is all about suffering and endurance. There is also happiness not only hardship... 

Rey continues, "... here in the Bible, it is the real history of man is being told and not the theory of these pedantries who assume they already know everything."
Ok, so what happened? First, we were talking about theories and then *POOF* it all became his personal issue? 

Let me just make it clear that there are a lot of novels that give us stories about suffering and endurance. Novels like Hemmingway's Old Man and the Sea, Steinbeck's Grapes of Wraths, and Alex Haley's Roots. If you will ask me, I think the novel Roots is more accurate in giving a good story compare to the Bible - Alex Haley didn't use supernatural mumbo-jumbos to tell his story.


Then, all of a sudden, Rey Barcinas accused scientists of hiding fossils to the public.



So, if scientists are hiding fossils to the public, then what are these being displayed in museums all around the world? Chop liver?

We even have fossils being exhibited here in the National Museum in Manila and a large T-Rex fossil at the Mind Museum in Taguig.

My gulay!


Are dragons (Chinese dragons) and dinosaurs the same? Well, according to Rey Barcinas - YES!


A little research in animal taxonomy might help you Mr. Rey Barcinas. 

And finally...

Rey Barcinas: According to our "sayangtist" if there is no air or oxygen then there will be no fire. Then why do we have lava underground?

So why is there lava underground?

There are no lava underground. What you call as lava is when molten rocks reaches the surface of the Earth and when it reaches the surface, air is mixed and viola YOU GOT FIRE.

Now, why are rocks get melted inside Earth? That's because of the radiation inside the Earth's core.

Now you know.

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