Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bishop Bell's Dinosaur, Fake?

A Christian creationist on Facebook made this outrageous claim.

Doing some research, I stumbled an article here on the Internet that says something otherwise.
The image that was posted in the Internet came from Vance Nelson's book Untold Secrets of Planet Earth | Dire Dragons. The book is available to all "Creationist" bookstore [take note].

Now according to Vance Nelson, he hired artists to create 3D artwork of dinosaurs that resembled the artifacts. 3D artwork? Hmmm.. I'm getting a little suspicious now. 

Anyway, the author claimed that "the artists he hired" never knew about, nor did they see, the ancient artwork to which their modern reconstructions were being compared. Therefore, any similarities between the ancient artwork and the modern depictions are real; they are not the result of conscious or even unconscious attempts by these 3D artists to make the two look similar.

Really? Still, we are talking here of the idea of the artist and his perception and not the original engraving.

Anyway, the posted picture of "dinosaur image shown in Bishop Bell's tomb in Carlisle Cathedral in the UK" came from Vance Nelson's book so I tried to look for the same picture that came from a neutral site. You will be surprised on what I saw.

Fig. 1 - Now here's what we can see inside the book. 

Fig. 2 - The picture above (Fig. 1) is not an actual picture, but something that came from this Creationist book. I'm now a little bit suspicious of the claim.

Well I'll be...
Can this be the original drawing, minus the photo-manipulation effect? 

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