Friday, February 26, 2016

The Funny Thing about Theist’s Anatomy

Nah, I’m not going to talk about their “missing brains.” This is rather a different story.

Every time a god-believer tackle the issue concerning human anatomy, he always claim that his “Scientist Creator” did a perfect job. Perfect huh? Perfect iner… designing us humans?

Noticed this Facebook post from a certain “PlaLovealliance.” Oh uh… let me leave his ignorance concerning evolution. There are more fun part on his post.

According to this guy, “God gave much thought to the human body’s design.” Oh really? Well, if this was God’s design then God is such a failure in Design 101.

  • 1.       God place the human brain on top of his head. Hello? On top of our head? With a thin skull shielding it from traumatic accidents? That’s why humans invented the helmet. Remember that humans are bipedal – that means we stand in our legs and we are susceptible from falling. So we fall and our head and the skull inside it doesn’t even have all the safety precautions to save our brain from damages. Talk about designs. Geezz!

  • 2.       Speaking of bipedal, humans are so slow. We can run, but we cannot outrun a lion, a cheetah or even a small Chihuahua running amok.  In case of danger, being bipedal will not give us any advantage to outrun a predator.

  • 3.       Our eyes in front of our face – oh my golly! Is that an advantage? Humans don’t have the capacity to see all 360 degrees. All we can see are those in front of us, not the one behind us. Damn those blind spots!

  • 4.       Speaking of the human eyes, ears and noses, we are only capable of seeing certain wavelength, of hearing certain sound and smell certain odor– a cosmic speed limit? Oh come on, this Designer made my doggie Fi-Fi capable of seeing , smelling and hearing better compare to me – his favorite human?
  • 5.       Our esophagus and larynx is connected to one tube in our neck, that’s why we choke when we eat and drink. Talk about perfect design.

  • 6.       Males balls (your testicles dummy!) is susceptible on rupturing – hernia man! It also dangle visibly between your legs. One kick and BOOM! All your descendants exploded in a mist of agony. Damn you Designer!

So, with all of PlaLovealliance’s problem concerning “eye’s on the back of his head and eyes on his hand” he forgotten one thing that humans can do – adaptation! Humans can adopt on his environment – well, obviously PlaLovealliance doesn’t know that. Remember that he doesn’t have any idea what evolution is all about.

Life adapts. If there are useless body parts, then another body part will evolve to supplement its functions. That’s why cave fishes still have eyes– they don’t use it, but it’s still there, but the cave fish’s skin acts as sonar to help navigate the fish on dark waters.

If you have eyes on your hands, eyes in the back of your head,a deeper set of mouth or an upside down nose, you as a sentient being will adapt to its use and if it doesn’t work, we find a way to supplement it. That’s why humans invent things – to supplement our body’s short coming. We invented books because our brain doesn’t have the capacity to hold more information. We invent the wheel to supplement our work and speed and we invented the ball cup to prevent your buddy in doing a lot of damages when he kicks your balls… and so on.

A Creator is really not necessary for life to evolve and adapt to its environment. Nature’s law and human intervention are enough.

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