Thursday, February 18, 2016

Baby Killer?

One of those stories in the so-called Holy “Good Book” I really abhor is about this so-called “All-Good, merciful and just” God ordering his chosen people to mercilessly slaughter the innocent Amalekites—men, women, and children. Christian apologists have done a lot trying to fix the damage – all the excuses they could burble to justify their god’s action on this one… uh, OK if you’re not familiar with the verse: 
Thus saith the LORD of hosts, I remember that which Amalek did to Israel, how he laid wait for him in the way, when he came up from Egypt.Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.- I Samuel 15:2-3

Reading the verse seems to picture a blood-thirsty fiend, corrupted by revenge eager to inflict genocide. The Lord of Hosts eh, is that the kind of God these Christians wanted me to worship? My gulay! Not even Conan the Barbarian is capable of killing babies.  

Anyway, to save God, his PR people (AKA Christian apologists) are doing all the goddamn justifications they can imagine. Now here’s a good example from Norman Geisler’s book, When Critics Ask. According to Geisler, “The Amalekites were far from innocent. In fact, they were utterly depraved. What is more, they desired to destroy Israel.” Wow… talk about pointing the dirty finger. Furthermore, he said, “As to the question about the innocent children, several observations are relevant. First, we are all born in sin and deserve death. Everyone will eventually be taken by God in death— it is only a matter of when. Second, God is sovereign over life and reserves the right to take it when He will. Third, all children who die before the age of accountabilityare saved. Hence, the act by which God took the children is far from merciless.”

So, is this the lame excuse Mr. Geisler can come up with? Oh come on!

The issue here is why kill babies and suckling… you know, little toddlers who are still sucking milk from their mother’s breasts. What did they did? Are they capable of holding a spear and a sword? Can these little babies fight back? Does God gets a hard-on and an orgasm every time he hears a baby screaming while being cut into tiny, little bloody pieces with a sword? 

Now, we all deserve death – that’s what Mr. Geisler and most Christians will say, but then why say the death penalty is immoral? Why you Christians get pissed-off every time a criminal gets the chair or the lethal injection? Why say life is precious, a gift from your loving Father - if we all deserve to die? And I also can’t comprehend the excuse Mr. Geisler and most Christians use in respect of the issue of their god ordering the Israelites to kill infant and sucklings – that we deserve death? Death to babies?  It’s horrible. I can’t even imagine a little baby being brutalized, crying while being sliced by a sword (and I don’t even believe in a god). So you friggin' Christians think that a baby deserved to be sliced, beheaded, ripped apart limbs from limbs – and he deserves it because your god wants payback. GOOD GRIEF!

The Christian defense doesn’t make any sense.

Furthermore, if you will try to read the verse, that doesn’t say that God killed the babies. No, it doesn’t say that God took their LIVES. THE BASTARD (that you call God) ORDERED HIS PETS TO KILL THEM. The same way a drug Lord orders his goons to kill people. 

This verse only show that this so-called “loving” god of Abraham, Moses and Jacob, the same god that Jesus addressed as The Father has the same mentality of a Drug Lord. A big bully that used sword-wielding goons to do his derange ambition to give his “chosen people” a piece of land to live – a small patch of rocky desert in the Middle East. Oh my… and he loves to slaughter babies for payback.

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