Saturday, January 2, 2016

The movie is dead.

So, you really want me to give you what I think about the movie God Is Not Dead, Ok… It was a boring show. No, not because I’m an atheist, but because I am a movie buff.

Not that I always encounter believers asking me to watch the show and then expecting some God-given miracle to happen – transforming me instantly in becoming a Christian after watching it, but I have my share of ding-a-lings.

The show is a typical Christian propaganda: Good Christian, bad atheist – that’s it.

Josh Wheaton, an evangelical college student, enrolls in a philosophy class taught by Professor Jeffrey Radisson, an atheist, who demands his students sign a declaration that "God is dead" to pass.


Why was this “professor” not been reported to the Dean’s office? We’re not talking about grades here. Is there any university that allow this? Anything can happen in a movie.

So, Josh is the only student who refuses to sign. I guess every student in that school doesn’t have a student hand book except for Josh. That made the atheist professor furious so he took his “Debate me” card and challenged Josh to a debate with him but agrees to let the class members decide the winner. Obviously, we all know the topic of the debate.

In both Round 1 and Round 2 of the debate, the atheist win – giving the Christian all the drama in the scene. You know, the all-time favorite “persecuted Christian” bullshit. Yet, on the 3rd round – because God is good… the Christian win and he even converted the atheist professor to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior before dying in an accident – END OF STORY.

Ok, you guys wants details?

In Round 1, Josh cites the Big Bang as evidence that God created the universe according to Genesis (“Let there be light”). The atheist professor didn’t made any rebuttal. He just stated Stephen Hawking, taunting the Christian if he is smarter than Hawkings – WHAT!!!! And he is a philosophy professor? Wow!

In Round 2, Josh refers to Hawking’s comment that philosophy is dead, adding that perhaps their philosophy class shouldn’t exist. Again, the philosophy professor never made a rebuttal. So much for being a straw-man.

So in Round 3, Josh asked the professor "Why do you hate God?" After Josh repeats the question twice more, Radisson explodes in rage, confirming he hates God for his mother's death that left him alone despite his prayers. Josh then casually asks Radisson how he can hate someone that does not exist. In the end, some dork stand up and said, "God's not dead." Almost the entire class follows and Radisson leaves the room in defeat.

You may asked, “Where’s the fucking argument?” You may also noticed that the “atheist” is not even an atheist, but someone who just hated God.

Now for the question: “Will this movie convert me into a believer?”

The movie focus more on the issue of hating god. I don’t hate god, I don’t believe it exists. So, naturally, this film didn’t really gave me an option whether to believe or not to believe. The movie also didn’t gave me any rebuttal. It only tries to give me the God is Good card. To analyze it further, the movie is intended for the Christian audience, not for atheists. It’s a “feel good” Christian movie to boost “Christian” confidence. Also, the movie reinforced the false idea that there are “No atheists in foxholes” so I guess this will inspire Christians to pray that atheists like me should contract cancer or undergo some other misfortune in order to become a Christian.

So, as an atheist what can I say about the movie?
Well, not only God is dead, but the movie is as dead as a cold corpse.

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