Monday, December 8, 2014

There's a storm coming so please stop evangelizing.

While looking at some update on the typhoon Ruby, I stumbled upon these two comment posts. Frankly I find it shameful to see people using natural calamities and human suffering to proselytize their religious beliefs.

Since I don't have the "guts" to create a debate on a forum intended to warn people, I'll just put it here... and to protect the "not so innocent," well... I have to change the names so something more appropriate.

Now, here we have someone saying that her god can weaken the devastation of a certain calamity. I was just wondering what was her god doing when Tacloban was wasted by a super typhoon last year. Tulog sa pansitan?

Now here's something that caught my fancy. Moron 2 says that disasters are his god's megaphone? What the ...?

Now here's an omnibenevolent dude who has all the powers in all the universe, yet still needs to shake the cage a little to get his point. Duh? Does this god doesn't have any other options but to create misery and panic to send his message? 

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