Thursday, December 4, 2014

Like A Genie In A Bottle

Listening to Christian testimonies about god can really give you a good view of what this god belief really is and His role in Christian life.

I've noticed that Christians  believed in a god in a very funny way. Most of the Christians that I have talked to have given me examples that their faith were strengthened on something  trivial that happened in their life.

In one of those testimonies, a Christian said that god is real because he prayed to Him so he could pass an examination in his school. He passed, therefore God is real and is now giving him all the blessing. Another one said that God is real because He blessed them with a good home, money, a house, a car. Just like this Christian who told me that he believed in god because whenever they have no money, he just prayed and VIOLA!

I remember this pastor of large Christian Born-Again Church who told his followers that God is so good and to prove it, he told us a story of how god prolonged the gas on his LPG tank.

The cream of the crop? Recently, a Christian told me that god have shown His powers to him when "He" provided things for his wedding anniversary.
They call these "blessings from God," I called it being self-conceited .

Looking around, I see poverty, sickness, doom, frustration, war and turmoil - yet a loving god (who is omni-benevolent) waste his omni-powers to fix your house bills, to give you a high grade in a test, to put gas in an LPG tank and to provide money for your anniversary.

Now if god can instantly "bless" you with things like a genie in a bottle, I wonder why can't he give instant relief to those that matters most?

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