Saturday, May 11, 2013

Welcome to my new journey...

I would like to announce to everyone that my interest on atheism was again rekindled. Ok, the truth...medyo nanamlay na ako sa atheism...and maybe obvious na ang reason so I don't need to tell that story.

Yesterday, I attend a class reunion and to my surprise, may classmate pala akong atheist. I asked him kung member sya ng any atheist/agnostic society. He told me that there is no need for that. I asked him why, and his answers made me think. Yun ang nag bring back ng fire sa akin. 

Atheism is not a club nor a group nor a society. It's what happens when a person starts to re-think every religious doctrines that he learned when he was growing up. Sa madaling salita, it is you. No one can imposed any kind of "atheism" to you. No one can tell you "how to be a right or a real atheist." 

My classmate is an atheist PERIOD. There is no need na as an atheist he must be a so and so. No reason to be this and that.

It made me re-think my atheism. Medyo napahiya ako sa sarili ko. I don't need to run a society to change people to become an atheist like me. There is no need to proselytize atheism. It is a natural result when people start to think. You don't need to force it in other people's head.

You can share your experience or ideas but that's it. You are just showing an option.

I would like to thank my classmate. He again showed me the right road to re-start my journey as an atheist in Manila.

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