Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Atheist's Cake

Have you ever baked a cake? It is a very fun activity. All you need to do is to separate the dry ingredients to the wet ones…flour, sugar, baking powder in one bowl while eggs, vanilla, chocolate (if you're making chocolate cake) and milk in the other one. Then you just mix them gently and put everything in a pan. Place it in the oven and VOILA!

Now, beginners start with cupcakes or a sponge cake and others, the most experience can bake a Devil’s Food or a Black Forest.

Wait… what does baking has to do with atheism?

Eggs or four cups of flour are part of a cake, but that doesn't mean that eggs and flour are cakes. You get the picture?

Most misinformed people (especially disgruntled Christians) blame atheism in the issues concerning communism, evolution (???) and Nazism (???) as if it is the atheist’s fault. Now that’s where this cake analogy comes in. You see, atheism is not a worldview or a philosophy by itself. It’s just one of the er… ingredients. Just like the eggs and flour, atheism doesn't make the whole philosophy. Also, even if we use the same ingredients in a cake, you won't guarantee the outcome if we added other ingredients. It may taste good or bad, depending on what other things that you put while making the cake. If you put honey or peanut butter in a Black Forest, it will not taste like a Black Forest. In other philosophies, for example, nihilism, it contains not only atheism but other things like the rejection of all moral principle. Now that is not atheism. An atheist who still believe in moral principles is different from an atheist who has no moral principles. 

So that’s it. An atheist can be an Objectivist, nihilist, secular humanist, a communist , a moral Objectivist, a relativist or even a Jew it doesn't matter. What matters are the atheist’s arguments against the existence of a god or gods. 

Now, enjoy your cake.

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