Thursday, February 26, 2015

Evidence... from a YouTube video?

Someone send me a video-link that will prove the Exodus story... According to the post, 
"Independent verification of coral encrusted chariot wheels. Evidence of the crossing of the Red Sea. Note: Ron Wyatt is NOT involve here.

See from 55:30 onwards... "

After watching the whole show, here is what I think about it. tongue emoticon
[By the way, i did blurred the names of the not so innocent, just to protect the identity]

Here are my honest observation to the said show.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Nostalgia: Atheist At The Park

The good old days, when I went out of Facebook and expressed my non-belief in a public park. I guess I am proud to say that my atheism is not just a Facebook issue. I've boldly go where no Filipino atheists have gone before hahaha!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

We Don't Want Our Generation To Become Stupid

If Creationism was given the chance to be taught in school, together with biological evolution, then why stop there? Astrology should also be granted equal time with astronomy. Pyramid power should be matched side-by-side with modern physics. Divining rod technology should be taken seriously for the benefit of future oil geologists and hydraulic engineers. The toxemia theory and Christian Science "negative thinking" theory of disease should also get equal time with the germ theory. The flat earth theory should also get equal mention with the space program.

Now, is this what you call 'science?"

Let us just leave Creationism in holy books, the church pulpit and the mouths of Christian evangelists. The purpose of our schools is to prepare our next generation, not to make them stupid.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

It's Not Atheism's Fault....

On the news...

"For their sake, and the sake of a civilized world in which bloodshed is committed for reasons that don’t require rabid speculation, let’s not rush to erroneously villainize atheism in order to cheaply balance the scales of a global, divided debate. We owe it to them and to ourselves to have a bit more honesty than that."

For the entire article, click HERE.

Neil Armstrong Became A Muslim is a BIG, FAT Lie.

Did Neil Armstrong became a Muslim? 

According to the hoax, ‘When Louis Armstrong walked on the moon, he heard sounds in a strange language which he did not understand. Only later, after returning to earth, did he realize that it was actually the azaan’

So the answer is a big NO. Neil Armstrong didn't became a Muslim or was he converted to Islam.

According to Neil Armstrong himself, "I have found that many organizations claim me as a member, for which I am not a member, and a lot of different families — Armstrong families and others — make connections, many of which don’t exist. So many people identify with the success of Apollo. The claim about my becoming a Muslim is just an extreme version of people inevitably telling me they know somebody whom I might know."

Ref: James R. Hansen - First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong - Simon & Schuster, 2005, pp 630-632, ISBN 9780743256315

Monday, February 9, 2015

A Purpose Driven Cant

Every time I pass a Christian Fundamentalist church here in Manila, I often notice that they were given a 40 day seminar on Rick Warren’s book The Purpose Driven Life – What on Earth Am I here for?.

Well, curiosity kills the cat they say so I took a little probe on what this book is all about. As I have noticed, Warren’s book really is 334 pages of endless echo of his set of guidelines which seems that his readers is too stupid to figure it out and get the point in the first 20 pages. But why am I complaining, Christians really have a habit of not getting the message anyway. On what I saw, he even quoted something Bertrand Russell says in the first chapter (Oh for crying out loud, Russell is an agnostic, not an atheist.) According to Warren in an interview with The O’Reilly Factor in Fox News ("The O'Reilly Factor," Dec. 17, 2004) “Well, you have to be a seeker to read the book. That's the truth. I start with a quote from an atheist, a famous atheist, Bertrand Russell who said, "Unless you assume the existence of God, the question of purpose is meaningless." I happen to agree with that.”

Well, if you are a seeker and have read Warren’s book, you’re going to be lost.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Who or what will I hate?

I really don't get these people who often quote "Don't hate the religion, hate the people behind the religion."

Now, let see.

Suppose there's this religion who teaches violence as the way to salvation. That they must kill all those who doesn't believe their doctrines and that they must make this religion the only religion on this planet because this is what the one true god commands them to do. So whose fault is that, the people who believed this religion or the religion itself?