Thursday, October 9, 2014

A God Outside Time

There is a  big problem with Kuya Adviser's response (other than the cap locks and how he spelled the name “Einstein”). If God is “outside time…”  Uh, wait a minute there. What is “outside time?” Now, time has something to do with space.  Does this also mean God is outside space? First of all, the idea that God is outside time (since he created it) is not biblical. The idea came from the philosopher Plotinus. Yeah! He's the Catholic Church equivalent of Marx in the former Soviet Union.

Anyway, to say that God has no beginning nor end is defining the attribute of being eternal. But being eternal doesn't mean “outside time.” Eternal simply means existing forever; without end or beginning.

Going back to Kuya Adviser's “timeless god.”

As I have said earlier, there will be a lot of problems on Kuya Adviser's god who he claims to be outside time:

1. It is incomprehensible.  Saying God exists outside time carry no real meaning because there is simply no frame of reference for that in our universe.

2. If God is outside time then he is like a block of wood. He  should not have any single thought nor action. Remember that “time” has something to do with change and change has something to do with action. A timeless god means a god that cannot act, think, reason, interacts, create or any other action we can think of.

3. This God cannot be a person – in the sense that God  possesses “personality” and that He is a rational Being with self-awareness. A God outside time is impersonal just like a solid block. It has  non-conscious and doesn't have any life at all.

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