Thursday, September 18, 2014

The 35th Manila International Book Fair... Disappointment Indeed.

Yesterday, I just went to the 35th Manila International Book Fair. Well, I always go every year, so it’s not really a surprise. However, I am a little disappointed with this year’s book fair.

I’ve noticed that compared to last year, there are more Christian bookstores in the event. As in everywhere I go, I will see a booth run by Christian sect, whether it is evangelical or Roman Catholic. What’s more alarming is the fact that they are selling their books cheaper and some even giving them away free.

That’s the problem. If you’re going to buy a book about science or philosophy - I think the cheapest will be something like P400+. Most of these books range from P600+ to a P1, 000, that’s comparable to religious books that will cater from P50.00 to P100.00. Also, there are more books about religion - may it be about the Bible or just plain propaganda (aka devotional BS - bullshit). You can even buy a Bible worth P115.00!!! MY GULAY!

So how many books have I saw that’s promoting science and critical thinking for children? Only one. This book from Bookmark called “ A Passion For Science” by Ms. Didith  T. Rodrigo.

Now if these religious crap traps can dominate events like book fair, just imagine how easily can these religious nonsense creep inside the Filipinos thick skull? 

Is there any hope?

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Tess Termulo said...

I'll go pa din. I get my med books there for lower prices naman.

You can write books, John. So someday, we can find your publications in the MIBF :-)