Saturday, March 15, 2014

Facebook Apologists.

There seems to be a shortage of good Christian apologists in any Facebook group. I think you have to be a member of that forum... er... Realm of Thought, something like that to encounter those theists that can really defend their stand. What we have here are the entertainers. Something like a crossbreed between a clown and a mime. 

Now, remember that most Born-Again Christians are... well, I'm not saying all since we have good apologists from the Christian Fundamentalists side like William Lane Craig, McDowell and Geisler and we also have authors like D'Sousa and Strobel. But unfortunately,  most of our Born-Again Christian friends here in groups seem to be too lazy even reading good Christian apologetic books. Some just  loves to copy-pasta YouTube links and Bible verses without even reading the links or thinking what a polemic might say in his article/YouTube video. The worst are those who are madly in love with their church founder. 

But, as they say, we can at least just try to learn something with their boring copy-pasta posts and their annoying drivels. There can be gold inside garbage sometimes. 

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