Saturday, November 22, 2014

That's Why You Don't Have A Leg To Stand On

Ray Comfort answered the question (?) Why God Can't Heal Amputees.

Some Comments From Members Of The INC

(Mostly written in Tagalog)

I have recently visited a forum. I think the forum was created by some Iglesia ni Cristo members…I don’t know.

Anyway, the forum was really about the never-ending feud between the ADD and the INC, but what caught my fancy was some discussion about atheism.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Did Carl Sagan Said Such A Thing?

Obviously, Christians have already sent you a copy of this picture in Facebook or your Google+

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Empty Walls And Tied-up Tongues On Creation Science

If Creation science is science, then it is not 100% accurate and can also have errors since science is fallible, right?

And if Creation science is based in the Bible, then that means the Bible has errors.  Correct?

But I'm talking about Creation Science here. So, is Creation Science a science or not a science? BTW, the picture is nice ***, but it doesn't answer my question.

Still no answer?

In the AiG article Can Creationists Be Scientists? by Dr. Jason Lisle, he never gave a direct answer to the question if Creation Science is a Science. All he did was to criticize evolution (again) yet he never gave a good answer if one should treat Creation science as a legitimate science. That is why I'm asking the question.

Again, in the AiG article Real Scientists, Really? by Dr. Terry Mortenson on July 27, 2005 still there is no quote if Creation Science is legitimate science or not. It's again more on evolution bashing, yet it is empty on the issue concerning the legitimacy of Creation science as a legitimate science.

We can all see here that AiG acknowledge the word "Creation Science" yet every time I look for articles in that topic, well there is zero explanations what makes Creation science as "science." All I have been reading here so far are nothing but evolution bashing.

Moreover, if Creation Science is not connected anyway to any religious agenda, why this? When did science become religious?

Just wondering.

I have heard (and read) all those evolution bashing, common sense, a list of a bunch of "scientists" who's into Creation Science, I have even read  credentials, how smart Creationists are, Yaddah! Yaddah!  However, it seems when we talk about Creation Science as a legitimate science, I always see empty walls and tied-up tongues.

A Typical Excuse.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Amen to that!

Have you ever encountered posts like this one here on Facebook? Well, you probably have and I don't know, but these are mostly posted by Christian believers and stupid Filipino celebrities.

Seriously, this is so screwed up.

Take a good look at this example from a certain "celebrity." He even said we have to say "Amen" because amen works.

What? Are you fucking out of your wits man? Screw loose? What do you think of the word "amen," some kind of a magic word like "A la peanut butter sandwiches!" POOF!

The word Amen means, "so be it." Do you know why "so be it?" Because you leave everything to God's will. That is why you always say AMEN after a prayer because it is an expression of leaving everything to God. It is not a password to bend God's will. It is not like you're wishing to a genie or worst, like asking God to do you favors.

What you're just promoting here is nothing but false hope. Geez! Ang bobo mo naman! *facepalm*
Ang tagal nyo ng nagdadasal hindi pa rin nyo alam kung bakit kayo nagsasabi ng amen.

My papaya!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bishop Bell's Dinosaur, Fake?

A Christian creationist on Facebook made this outrageous claim.

Evolution vs. Creation

Every time you hear (or read) a debate between evolution and creationism, it's really not about science, but...

Apologetic Apology courtesy of a fellow who calls himself as "Revelation."

I forgot who said this quote. All I know is that he was once a Nazi officer (John, I think this quote was uttered by Goebbles, the propaganda minister of Der Fuehrer of this earth in contrast to Der Fuehrer of the heavens.
- Praise da Lawd! - Mr. James Litton...Thanks for reminding me)

I really don’t care about who said this quote, but I really like what the quote says, “A lie told many times becomes the truth.”

The quote seems to fit Christianity very nicely.

I have seen a lot of Christian apologetic work, other than those written in social groups. They seem to be saying the same thing over and over and over. This message from a certain “Revelation” is not an exception.

[Revelation wrote on Fri, 12 October 2007 09:07] Does anyone know when this debate on God's existence started? Why did I ask this question? Because I think It was only after the "silent years" (400 years of silence in between the end of the OT and beginning of the NT) that this argument arose (or perhaps even after the death of the disciples). Why? Because signs and wonders could have ceased during these silent years and so people become skeptic about God since signs and wonders prove that God really exists.

"Gott ist tot"!

One of the most misunderstood yet most used Nietzsche‘s quote is “God is dead”. Christians claim that this quote signifies the emptiness of atheism. For example, Ravi Zacharias, the Hindu turned Christian apologist always quote Nietzsche and “God is dead!” as proof of atheism “emptiness”. Misinformed Christians, even, say, “This is a shattered appearance of Atheism in Nietzsche poem. It has the stare of death, looking into the barren desert of emptiness and hopelessness. The Nietzschean dogma, which dawned with the lantern being smashed to the ground, now ends in the darkness of the grave.”

Religion and Superstition: A Deadly Mix

When you take a bus trip from Negros to Boracay, chances are you're going to pass the town of Cadiz. I remember when we passed this town from a trip to Boracay, the bus made a scheduled stop from a gas station in Cadiz City so passengers can have taken a leak since it’s still too far before we can reach the town of Caticlan. As we stop at the gas station, some vendors approached the bus and started to sell us some food. The bus conductor told us not to buy any food being sold by street vendors. He even closed the windows.

I asked the conductor for his reasons. He said that most vendors are not human, but “aswang” in disguised and the food were human viscera. If we eat those foods we will become aswang like them.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Is Your Ignorance the Fuel of Your Faith?

I sometimes have this feeling that most believers become so involved, so fanatically religious because of sheer ignorance. You can’t blame me. Often times, the religious often debate me using outdated science and worst. 

I hope I'm wrong.